How it works?

As simple as it sounds: we deliver ANYTHING, from anywhere! We also have a marketplace where retailers may list their products, making it easier for you to browse and purchase.

So basically, order what you need, from groceries to a document or parcel pick-up and delivery.

Task Fee:

  • Base Fare $2.50 (covers 1Km and 5 Minutes of Task Timing)
  • Per Km. $1.45
  • Task Timing $0.40/min. Time  between arriving at pick-up destination and leaving, and after arriving at delivery destination and completing task.
  • If there is the need to purchase goods the fee is 14% of the total cost up to $20 max.

To aid any delays in processing your request, we recommend topping up your Wallet with enough funds to cover for the purchase of goods, speeding up the authorization and fulfillment by your personal shopper.